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Duration: 00:22:00
Rating: G


Obese teenage boy Kobi is persuaded - against his better judgment - by the beautiful Maya to buy some beer at the local supermarket for her birthday party later that night.His nerves shaken but his wits about him, Kobi ventures into the store and soon makes an enemy of the bullying and bored security guard.It's not easy for a large kid with a six-pack of beer to keep his mission covert and, indeed, Kobi runs into obstacles on his quest for booze and for Maya's affections. HOWEVER... all of these will be but a mere footnote in his day, you see.For inside the supermarket... our hero is destined to make a new friend - an alien life form like no other.The 2 will bond and fight together to escape safely without losing life, limb or liquor.Note for the concerned: the film - as you will see - in NO WAY encourages or endorses the consumption of alcohol by minors.
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Saturday, January 30th, 2016 - 1:45 pm - Chisholm Trail Experience Theatre
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Trail Dance Film Festival
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