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Trail Dance
Duration: 00:22:20
Rating: G

100 Years of Freedom: The Fort Sill Apache Tribe.

A record of the the Fort Sill Apache Tribe's Centennial celebration of the final release of the Chiricahua/Warm Springs Apache Prisoners of War, held in Apache and Lawton and Fort Sill, Oklahoma, on March 7, 8, 2014. Features interviews with participants and highlights of a very meaningful, two day celebration/commemoration. One Apache elder interviewee sums up the two day celebration: at the Sunrise ceremony she could feel the ancestors and they were crying because of the prisoner of war experience, but happy to have finally gotten their freedom.Those interviewed include those who know a lot about the Apache culture because they had the experience of talking with the elders, and those just beginning to learn, because they live in an urban setting and are far away from other Apaches. The tribal leadership is represented, and this tribe, true to Chiricahua Apache tradition, has many females in leadership roles. For the most part only Apache music is heard, music and chants and drumming that were recorded during the two day Centennial. The traditional Dance of the Mountain Gods is shown in a respectful manner. An interesting highlight of the film is the tribe's 5k run, held on the grounds of U.S. Army Base Fort Sill, where the Chiricahua Apaches were held as prisoners for the last 19 to 20 years of their imprisonment as Prisoners of War. This is also where the Sunrise Blessing Ceremony, which is the opening sequence of the movie, is filmed
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United States
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Friday, January 29th, 2016 - 7:00 pm - Palace Theatre
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