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Trail Dance
Duration: 00:15:00
Rating: PG13

Waiting for Dawn

A young soldier and his experiences in the First World War. It highlights the hardships and horrors faced by many young men who served in the Army during that time. Based on true events.Waiting for Dawn is the story of a British Soldier set in the trenches during the Great War. The story revolves around Private James Williams, his brother Private John Williams and Private Peter Francis, three young soldiers who like most men of the era felt a need to enlist and fight for King and County. The three men soon discover that the brutality of the battlefields of France are far from the vision of war they themselves had, and although the trenches have moments of peace and harmony, they can soon be shattered with the reality and harsh truth of war. Private James Williams sits with the Padre looking for answers trying to justify his own actions and starts to agonise about his reasons for being there. James starts to question his own involvement in the war the padres the Generals and ultimately Gods, wanting to know if God can justify what they have done and if they will go to heaven, or not, on the fields of Flanders for ever.
Principal Cast
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United Kingdom
Festival Screening Date/Time (Daily Schedule)
Saturday, January 30th, 2016 - 1:00 pm - Simmons Center: Chisholm Hall
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Trail Dance Film Festival - Barbed Wire
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