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Trail Dance
Duration: 01:40:00
Rating: PG

After Life

Mara is a cynical young woman whose life has not turned out the way she'd hoped. Her mother has died in a drunken crash and her father is a television psychic medium who claims to be able to speak to the dead loved ones of his audience. And her sister Megan believes she's pregnant, but she's not. When Mara learns the tricks of her father's trade, she first uses them for fun and profit. But when a man named Garrett asks her to try to communicate with his missing and presumed dead wife Louise, she becomes enmeshed in a family mystery and pretends to have an ongoing relationship to 'dead Louise'. And when she accidentally runs into the 'dead' Louise, who is very much alive, Mara forces Louise to feed her information that only her husband and son would know, to continue the charade. During this time, Mara's 'ability' has impressed Louise's son Rudy, who is starting to fall for Mara. Mara decides that keeping up the charade will not only be profitable, but it will also keep Rudy in her life. But as time goes on and she learns more about Louise and gets closer to Rudy, Mara starts to have doubts about what she's doing. And yet she is so enmeshed, she doesn't know how to escape without losing Rudy.
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United States
Festival Screening Date/Time (Daily Schedule)
Saturday, January 30th, 2016 - 11:00 am - Simmons Center Theatre
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Trail Dance Film Festival - Barbed Wire
Trail Dance Film Festival
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