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Trail Dance
Duration: 01:03:00
Rating: R


Former computer programmer Howie Ramirez and his crippled sister, Marla, are in dire straits. As the possibility of returning to prison hangs over him, Howie desperately searches for work but keeps coming up empty-handed. With no prospect of gainful employment in sight, Howie is forced to accept work as a house boy for inventor and entrepreneur Adam Rickhaven. Discovering there's more to his responsibilities than cleaning out boxes and straightening up the house, Howie's computer skills and allegiance become indispensable as Rickhaven nears the completion of his controversial computer program called Chaos. As Rickhaven and Howie prepare for the final presentation of the program, Rickhaven's girlfriend Veda begins to show more than a friendly interest in Howie. Concerned for Howie's well-being, Marla puts pressure on him to quit the job. The combination of Rickhaven's maniacal personality and the amorous Veda who wants more than affection start Howie on a slow downward spiral. If things don't change someone is going to end up dead.
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United States
Festival Screening Date/Time (Daily Schedule)
Friday, January 29th, 2016 - 9:30 pm - Simmons Center Theatre
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Trail Dance Film Festival
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