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Trail Dance
Duration: 00:31:09
Rating: PG13


HOLLY is an attractive, young doctor caring for her sister, FAITH, a heroin addict suffering kidney failure. Faith’s drug history grants her no chance at organ donation. XANDER is a physically awkward, medical investigator with a distasteful attitude who interviews candidates for the organ donation list. He spends his nights alone in his apartment, listening to the angry answering-machine messages of denied patients he has doomed to death. When a random strip club accident admits Xander to Holly’s emergency room, she seizes the opportunity to charm this strange, outspoken misanthrope in the hopes of saving her sister. Can Holly endure Xander’s brash outbursts and use her wiles to save a life?
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United States
Festival Screening Date/Time (Daily Schedule)
Friday, January 29th, 2016 - 9:00 pm - Chisholm Trail Experience Theatre
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